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LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, has been around for longer than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram combined. However, it is more important now than ever before.

What is the reason for this? Since it comprises over 600 million professional profiles, it offers a virtually infinite range of networking resources and career openings. Using LinkedIn is an important part of becoming a full-fledged employee in every industry these days, from looking for a new career to keeping your personal brand.

Here are seven compelling reasons to build a LinkedIn account — or reactivate an old one.

1. You can use its vast work board

What are the advantages of using LinkedIn? This list contains a lot of explanations, but let’s start at the beginning: As a career hunter, you can use the networking site to scan the vast job board — and even apply for jobs.

Keywords and position are used to search for work. You can configure job reminders based on your career preferences to get email notifications and remain in the loop even though you aren’t actively looking for new jobs.

It’s even possible to be deceptive about it. Switch on the “I’m interested” button if you’re associated with colleagues and bosses. This will let recruiters and future employers know you’re interested in hearing regarding different jobs. This open invitation would be shielded from people at the current organisation through LinkedIn.

2. You have the ability to develop your own brand

It’s critical for you to develop your professional brand online in the same way as businesses do. How do you set yourself apart from the competition in your field? What separates you as a marketable individual? Why should you be paid six figures?

Personal websites are perfect for this, but they also come with additional expenses — as well as hours and hours of building and tweaking. LinkedIn is a fast and convenient way to get your name out there in the business community. Upload a professional profile photo and a compelling rundown that highlights your skills and personality. Recruiters, bosses, coworkers, and administrators should be able to get a good idea of who you are by looking at your profile.

3. It’s a great place to start if you want to be a thought leader.

LinkedIn is without a doubt the most powerful medium for distributing technical content. Furthermore, no other social media site will assist the company in establishing itself as a market leader. One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that it helps you to enter communities and network with key business leaders and influencers. It assists you in strategically positioning yourself as an industry influencer and cementing your reputation as a well-known figure in your area of interest.

4. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is more critical than Facebook.

According to the 2015 social media marketing industry survey, LinkedIn has now exceeded Facebook as the most significant forum for B2B businesses and advertisers in the present scenario. Furthermore, compared to 41% of B2B marketers, about 21% of B2C marketers reported that LinkedIn is their preferred forum. As a result, it’s fair to assume that B2B advertisers and entrepreneurs are now prioritising LinkedIn marketing strategies over Facebook marketing strategies.

5. It will make your name rank higher on Google.

When you apply for a position, it’s possible that one of the first things a boss or human resources officer would do is Google your name. Even sending an email to a new client could result in a Google search of your name.

If you haven’t Googled yourself before, now is the moment. What appears on the first list of search results?

Another advantage of LinkedIn: It can be difficult to rank on Google’s first ranking, but LinkedIn is a well-known and strong network — and Google is involved in it. As a result, getting your LinkedIn page to rank on Google is usually better than getting your handmade website or online portfolio to rank. If your LinkedIn profile is the first thing a potential employer sees, it might be time to create one or update the current one to stand out from the crowd.

LinkedIn has steadily risen to prominence as one of the most relevant outlets for B2B advertisers and businesses. In terms of exposure, few social networks come close to what LinkedIn does for the brand. Furthermore, Axolon digital assists companies in developing successful LinkedIn solutions in order to improve their position in the market.

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