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If your company has gone too far without a website, you may be wondering: do I need a website for my business? What is the point if my business without one is already successful?
The short answer is that there has never been a better or more important time for your company to invest in a website. For small businesses, a website provides a wide range of advantages, and most of these advantages grow in value exponentially year over year, much like the Internet itself.

Reasons why you need a website for your business

1. A website makes you look really professional

84% of today’s customers says “A website makes the company more trustworthy than businesses that just have social media accounts”. Your website is also the best place to demonstrate any professional certifications or achievements that your company has.
In addition, creating your own website allows you to build a branded email address (e.g. yousuf@yoursite.com) that adds to all your communications a degree of professionalism, particularly if you have previously used a personal email address to conduct business.

2. Your website can attract new customers through Google and other Search engines

You may be satisfied with the current size of your business, but client turnover is encountered by any company. To facilitate continued success, you need to attract new customers, and one of the best ways to do that is by making yourself visible on Google.
Well-optimized websites can help the company score well with a range of search keywords and draw a steady stream of potential clients. There are many free SEO tools that, without any prior experience, make it easy to optimize your website.

3. Getting a website would save you time.

If you’re trading emails, making calls, or submitting plans – it takes time to connect with prospective clients. Your website will save you the time by offering answers to basic consumer questions and queries. What does this mean to you? You will use your time on more useful stuff.

4. You can clearly demonstrate your products and services

You can show prospective clients what they’re going to get when they collaborate with you by showing high-quality images on your website. You can also use the website design, along with the photos displayed, to give people a feeling of what it looks like to visit your physical location.

5. Website Can Help You Build Credibility

First experiences are critical when it comes to convincing customers to buy. Fifty-seven percent of people are not recommending a company with a badly built mobile site. That’s right, customers are making decisions about your company based on the presence of your website.
Having a well built, detailed and easy-to-use website will help you connect more effectively to prospective clients that you are a credible company that they want to do business with.

6. SEO is a cost-effective marketing technique

Let’s face it—every organization needs to leverage the bucks in the budget, finally having the best bang with the least sum of buck. When it comes to marketing, making a website designed for browsing can be one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics. Are you thinking of approaching SEO on your own? We wouldn’t recommend it, after all you’ve got a company to manage. But there are several simple strategies that you can use to put yourself to be found by looking.

7. Yes ! Your Competitors Probably Have One

Although 36% of small companies do not have their own websites, 64% do. This means that most small companies do have an online presence, and your competitors are likely to have a website that appeals to customers in your market. If you want to remain relevant and successful in your industry, it is crucial that your company has an online footprint—not only helping you stay competitive, but also helping to improve your position as a forward-looking, tech-savvy business.

8. A website guarantees your success in the long term.

In 2020, nearly 4.54 billion people (59% of the world’s population) use the Internet, and more and more people are online.

Your company is invisible to these users without a website. As we move on to the modern age, the company will become useless to all unless you invest in a website.
So, in order to remain competitive in this highly global environment, the company needs to get online.

Over the last 10 years, Axolon has established clients to achieve digital maturity by emphasizing on infrastructure, consumer focus and exponential return on investment; by incorporating excellent user interface and data-driven methodologies. We give you the website designing services in the UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, etc. If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to call us at 800 296566 or email us at info@axolon.com.


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